Trudeau's Immigration Ministry has a racism problem — Sheila offers her advice

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One of Justin Trudeau's key ministries has a racism problem and they are hiring experts to fight this Liberal issue.

If you want to help Justin Trudeau fight his own systemic racism problem, you have about a week to make your application to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

Because that ministry — one that recently announced the highest immigration targets in Canadian history, despite skyrocketing domestic unemployment in the middle of what they tell me is a pandemic — apparently has a problem with racism in the workplace.

Look at this notice on the government’s procurement and contracts website

Canada is seeking the services of two (2) senior leadership development consultant on an “as and when requested” basis, for leadership development and anti-racism training in order to support IRCC and its Executives and Middle Management Team in exercising their leadership in creating a workplace free of racism and discrimination.

It is intended to result in the award of one (1) contract from date of contract award to November 1st, 2023, plus one (1) twelve (12) months irrevocable option allowing Canada to extend the term of the contract.

So, if you do a good job fighting racism, like the kind of racism perpetrated by the bureaucrats inside of Justin Trudeau’s immigration ministry, they might keep you on.

You know what? Here's my application for the of anti-racism trainer job.

Don’t be like Justin Trudeau.

Don’t treat the culture of the world’s largest democracy like a dress-up costume. Don’t ever wear blackface like this. Don’t stick a banana or something in your pants while wearing blackface like this. 

No really….Don’t wear blackface or brownface again. Like this. Or like this.

And because I like to save the taxpayer money, I'll throw in some anti-sexism training, too.

Keep your hands to yourself, no matter where the woman you’re groping is working.

Actually, here is my free but invaluable advice for any bureaucrat: Stop and ask yourself if what you’re about to do is something Justin Trudeau would or has done, and then just do the opposite.

Maybe when the lucky recipients of this contract to train bureaucrats on how not to be like Justin Trudeau are finished at the IRCC, they can cut out the middleman and can take their expertise directly to the Prime Minister’s Office.

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