Trudeau's taxpayer-funded legal fees too “PERSONAL” to disclose!

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The Trudeau government refuses to tell Canadians just how much they are spending on hiring outside lawyers to fight provinces, veterans, First Nations kids, and even journalists in court.

Alberta Conservative MP Chris Warkentin used an order paper question to compel the Government to tell him how much money Trudeau and his cabinet are spending on lawyers, who the lawyers are, why they hired these outside lawyers, and why a government lawyer just wouldn’t do.

I would love to know the answer to this because some of these legal fees surely involve Rebel News and our ongoing battle with the Election Commissioner. You can see all the details, documents and even a secret recording of investigators in our fight for Ezra’s Levant’s right to publish a book critical of Justin Trudeau at

But it’s not just us the Liberals are fighting in court. The Liberals have been fighting and losing against the province of Alberta in court about the federally imposed carbon tax. Liberals have been fighting veterans in court over their benefits because, according to Trudeau, the veterans have been asking for more than he can give.

The Liberals are engaging in a lot of legal battles costing taxpayers a lot of money. But Warkentin won’t be told how much.

The Liberals told him a “response to the question could disclose personal and solicitor-privileged information.”

This order paper didn't ask for any legal arguments to be disclosed and the Liberals have repeatedly given details about the costs of their legal woes with Canadians in the past.

We know the Liberals spent $110,000 in legal fees fighting a First Nations girl over a $6,000 dental procedure that would prevent major invasive jaw surgery later in life.

We also know that Justin Trudeau spent $131,000 on federal lawyers over one weekend in a failed attempt to block Rebel News and our friends at True North from attending the federal leaders debates in the last campaign.

The feds were ordered by a judge to pay for Rebel News’ legal bills after we won, and to date, they have not.

Some lawyer is going to be paid big bucks by Trudeau to open an envelope and take control of some very super top secret planning documents for Ezra’s book!

We deserve to know how much.

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