UK police WILL BREAK UP Christmas dinners violating pandemic rules | Ezra Levant talks civil liberties and COVID-19

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On yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra explained why the United Kingdom is so important to him. Humans are naturally curious, social creatures and we're often wondering about what life is like for others. But the U.K. represents so much more than that.

In Canada, so much of our history, our language, our laws, our customs all come from the U.K. Perhaps most importantly, the Magna Carta, the abolition of slavery and the idea of an Opposition who is opposed to the government, but loyal to the country.

A different kind of pandemic — one borne of censorship, not COVID-19 — is sweeping through the country now. A recent announcement has made it quite clear that police can, and apparently will, be enforcing laws which include the ability to go into people's homes on Christmas to break up gatherings that these violate draconian pandemic rules. Police are even worried about the potential for riots.

Ezra was at a loss to make sense of it all, left wondering how one of the most peaceful, important times of year could be under threat from the police, with the potential for rioting:

Hang on. I don’t know if that all makes sense. If people are at home having a Christmas dinner, they’re not out causing riots. They’re actually at one of the best times of the year — with family, good food, a bit of religion in the air. Young men are with their moms and dads and sisters and brothers.

Not out rampaging about on the streets. How could Christmas dinner turn into riots?

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