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Unvaccinated employee of 29 years FIRED for refusing COVID vaccine

A decorated employee of The Glencoe Club, a prestigious private club in Calgary, Alberta was fired from the establishment after 29 years of working at the job for refusing to take a COVID vaccine.

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Karene Irwin is one of the countless upstanding loyal employees who have suddenly found themselves without a job because of their vaccine status. We have heard countless heartbreaking stories, but this case was so egregious that we knew we had to share Karene’s story.

We have heard of people losing their jobs after decades of service, but this story takes loyalty and dedication to an entirely different level.

Four generations of the Irwin family have all worked at The Glencoe Club, with over 111 years of combined services to the facility. Karene also had an exceptional track record and numerous accolades and a passion and dedication to her workplace that has left her reeling with heartache.

Karene has lost her livelihood, but moreover she has lost a place that came to be like a second home for her and her family. For generations her family shared in building up the legacy of this prestigious private club, and suddenly all of that means nothing. Karene is unvaccinated and therefore, according to management of the club, unwanted, like so many others across Canada facing medical segregation.

Karene is not taking this lying down. She has hired Derek From to act as her legal counsel.

Derek joined us for an update on the case and to break down how The Glencoe Club has failed to honour its responsibilities as an employer.

We reached out to The Glencoe Club for comment, but they did not reply.

Employers who fire people over their vaccine status must be held legally accountable, but as you know hiring lawyers is not cheap. Go to and donate now, so that we can hold businesses who discriminate against employees based on medical information accountable in court.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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