UPDATE: WHO Wants Out petition DROP OFF: Special delivery for Justin Trudeau!

To date, 25,000 people have signed our petition to pull funding from the World Health Organization. So, we mailed that petition off to Langevin Block in Ottawa, the office of Justin Trudeau.

Throughout the global pandemic, we have been asking ourselves, who has our back? It's not the WHO, that's for sure.

Its director “Dr.” Tedros has shown that the global body operates on a China First policy. From lying about the efficacy of masks, to advising against border control early on in the outbreak, Tedros is clearly in the pocket of China’s leader, Xi Jinping.

Just after we launched our petition, Donald Trump announced a moratorium on WHO funding, and we hope other world leaders will follow suit.

Unfortunately, it seems that Trudeau is not interested in listening to Canadians. The European Union has been in contact with his office, and they “expect” Canada to help fill in the gap left by President Trump.

You can still sign the petition here: WHOwantsOut.com.