U.S House candidate accuses Democrats of voter intimidation in Pennsylvania

U.S House candidate accuses Democrats of voter intimidation in Pennsylvania
Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
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Sean Parnell’s campaign has accused a woman working for Democrat lawyer Marc Elias of engaging in voter intimidation by releasing Pennsylvania voter roll information ahead of his battle with his Democratic opponent, Conor Lamb.

“Emily Resko, an intern for Parnell’s opponent Rep. Conor Lamb (D-PA), posted pictures of voter rolls on Snapchat with the caption ‘im about to see how alllllll you f**kers vote,'” the Washington Free Beacon reported, which also noted that she is a first year law student at Duquesne University.

Images of the Snapchat posts in question were obtained by the outlet.

“After tens of thousands of voters received the wrong ballots, Parnell asked courts to mandate poll watchers at satellite voting locations in the district,” the Beacon article read.

Resko says the Lamb campaign chose her to work with Elias “in opposing Parnell’s request,” the report continued:

In reaction to the news, Resko wrote on Snapchat,“[S]o how about because of my internship, me and this other boy were picked tonight to LITERALLY BE ASSISTANTS UNDER THE LAWYER ON THIS POTENTIAL CASE. I’M SO FUCKING EXCITED fuck parnell and his voter suppression.”

That message contained screenshots of tweets from Lamb and Elias. “[I] literally get to gather data for this case this is amazing im excited ok bye sorry.”

In an image, Resko stated she had “full access to the voting history of ALL residents in the 17th congressional district.” On Twitter Wednesday afternoon, Parnell stated his campaign had “taken immediate action & referred this to the US Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania & the Department of Justice.”

“She’s making people on social media think she can [see how they voted], and people are now afraid to turn out because they want their votes to be kept secret,” Parnell stated.

“Especially in an age of doxing and people getting fired for supporting [President Donald] Trump, this is part of the reason why the polls aren’t accurate,” he concluded.

Parnell and Lamb are currently head-to-head in one of the state’s tightest races, vying for the 17th Congressional District.

On Sunday, both Parnell and incumbent House representative Mike Doyle's offices were vandalised with anti-election slogans.

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