Vandal defaces Surrey synagogue on Hamas’ professed 'Day of Rage'

The perpetrator drew a swastika on the synagogue's window and egged the building, which also functions as the residence of the Rabbi, while proclaiming that the act was ordained by God.

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A Jewish community in Surrey, British Columbia, is on edge after their place of worship became the target of antisemitic graffiti and egging last Friday.

Zev Schtroks, the adult son of Rabbi Schtroks, was shocked to have caught the vandal in the act as he proceeded to egg the synagogue, which also serves as Zev's residence.

Schtroks recorded the individual while promptly calling the RCMP. He claims the individual responsible for the egging incident proclaimed himself to be God, justifying the act as a necessity to target the place of worship. Schtroks also discovered that a swastika had been drawn on the synagogue's window with a permanent marker.

“Everybody was really upset and very nervous because, obviously, it's just eggs, but it's not just eggs,” Schtroks shared in an exclusive statement with Rebel News. “It's what it means and what that could signify for the future, so it's very scary."

Those who gathered for prayer services at the Surrey synagogue were already on high alert, like many Jewish communities across Canada after a global “day of rage” was declared for October 13 following the surprise terrorist attack by Hamas on Israeli concert-goers on October 7.

“This fellow decides he is going to throw eggs, and what about the people he associates with who are happy that Jewish people were mowed down?” Rabbi Schtroks questioned while expressing concern about the underlying ideology driving such atrocities.

The RCMP is investigating the incident. The suspect, described as a 25- to 35-year-old man with a slim or medium build, remains at large.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Surrey RCMP at 604-599-0502 and email Rebel News at [email protected].

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