Vandals win as council unlikely to replace destroyed Captain Cook monument

A vandalised Captain Cook monument in Melbourne may not see a replacement following bizarre remarks that it had 'little or no significance'.

Vandals win as council unlikely to replace destroyed Captain Cook monument
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In an email addressed to City of Yarra councillors, it was claimed that numerous attacks had significantly compromised the monument's integrity, casting doubt on the possibility of restoration.

Remarkably, the email downplayed the importance of the memorial, describing it as having "little or no significance" as an item in the park.

Councillor Stephen Jolly voiced the sentiment that allocating funds for repairing the statue might not be the most prudent use of resources.

"Even people who love Captain Cook, who celebrate Australia Day, will recognise that fixing a statue at a cost of thousands isn't the top priority. Residents are advocating for improved bin services, expanded childcare facilities, and more affordable swimming pools," he claimed.

Jolly said that investing in amenities benefiting the community would be a wiser choice than repairing a statue susceptible to further vandalism.

The ultimate decision on the fate of the monument is expected to be deliberated during an upcoming council meeting.

It comes as far-left activists have repeatedly targeted historic statues in Melbourne including toppling a statue of Cook in St Kilda just hours before Australia Day celebrations.

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