VIEWERS REACT: Chinese police on Canadian soil

Rebel News' David Menzies examines your reactions to the shocking story involving Chinese police outposts in Canada.

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On last week's episode of Rebel Roundup, David Menzies read viewers' reactions to the alarming story involving Chinese police stations on Canadian soil. The CCP has purportedly established international outposts aimed at "preventing fraud" and "convincing" Chinese nationals to return home to face prosecution.

One viewer chimed in writing, "Sorry to tell you guys but Trudeau sold us out to the CCP." Another viewer commented saying, "I say everyone protest at these Chinese stations before they take us over."

An American viewer also commented with some kind words for Rebel News writing, "Truly inspiring work you all are doing at Rebel News! As an American viewer I have truly been blown away by Canadian media personnel planting their feet & forcing the Truth to the surface. You all have 1 American down here who'll defend y'all's integrity & deserved respect from spiteful mouths! Thank you, neighbors."

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