WATCH: Fiona Patten CONFRONTED over Covid fine for filming police

Shayne Wicker was fined $1,652 for filming police during lockdown

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During lockdown, Shayne Wicker was on his way to the grocery store when he saw four police officers detaining a man, so he stopped to document the situation. 

He stuck around just long enough to film the entire incident, but once police released the man, they turned their attention towards Shayne. 

Emboldened by their overreacting emergency powers, the police began to hassle Shayne for being outside and issued him a $1,652 fine for allegedly violating the public health order to remain indoors. 

It's a crippling fine that can sink anyone, especially someone like Shayne, who lives in community housing and when the government is already doing everything it can to crush people's ability to earn a living. 

After receiving his ticket, Shayne confronted his local member of parliament, Fiona Patten, while visiting his estate.

Fiona Patten is one of three independent members of parliament responsible for extending the state of emergency that gave police the power to fine Shayne.

In the video filmed by Shayne, the MP scoffs at the idea that Victoria is the most lockdown city globally.

"I tell you I've got mates in the UK, and they'd love to be in Melbourne", you can hear MP Fiona Patten say.

She then promised to help Shayne but never followed through.

Shayne Wicker did nothing wrong

Why should a law-abiding citizen be punished for a crime he never committed? And how much more of this are we willing to take?

The only thing Shayne did wrong was trying to hold police accountable at a time when they need to be held accountable, and for that, he's facing a life-altering fine. 

We've been fighting Shayne's case for months. Our lawyer has gone to court twice now to defend him, and the state still refuses to drop the fine.  

Shayne's contest mention is set for the end of this month

If you want to support our quest to fight this ticket in court and help other Australians in Shayne's position, please click here to donate or visit

We'll need all the help we can get to put an end to this police harassment in the name of health.

We can't rely on Fiona Patten to help. We can only expect the MP to vote to extend the state of emergency again in December. In the video, MP Fiona Patten admits to seeing the video of my unlawful arrest, and even after witnessing that, she's willing to extend the emergency powers.

So can we count on your support? Then please click here to donate.

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