WATCH: Theresa Tam declares Santa an “essential worker”

Just in time for the Christmas season, Canada's top doctor took to Twitter to share an important video with boys and girls across the country. COVID-19 is still with us, even as the vaccine began rolling out across the nation, though supplies are currently limited, to put it bluntly.

So onto the Zoom call Dr. Theresa Tam jumped, dialling up a friend in the North. On the other end was a man in red — no, not Trump — rather, Jolly old St. Nick answered the call, ensuring Christmas went forth.

Santa himself even said that he had a custom made mask to fit his beard, surely something not at all weird.

Dr. Tam declared Santa an “essential worker,” letting him and his elves work with fervour.

And just like that, Christmas was saved. That is, so long as we're all well behaved.