Watford man arrested handing out leaflets criticizing U.K. lockdown

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Last month, Andrew Button was arrested in Watford town centre for the notorious crime of leafleting. I am in no doubt that this arrest was made due to the contents of the leaflet rather than the act of handing them out, as these leaflets were advertising a new movement called 'Jam for Freedom,' which is currently touring Britain with the mission of reminding people of how the world used to be before it sleepwalked into atomised insanity a year ago.

The movement, founded by Cambel McLaughlin, is a musical collective which plays live music on high streets up and down the country. Mr. Button, a friend of Mr. McLaughlin's, came out to support their first event in Watford. As a result, he was surrounded by eight officers and bundled into the back of a van.

Despite this immediate setback, the Jam for Freedom continues touring the country — not allowing themselves to be discouraged by police hostility. For the last two weeks they have been out in London, where Mr. McLaughlin believes he is the first person in history to have their hair cut outside City Hall, in the open air, whilst singing and playing the drums.

We spoke to Mr. Button about his arrest, see the video above for what he had to say.

For updates on the Jam for Freedom, you can follow the group on Instagram at @JamForFreedom and find out when they'll be playing near you!

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