We cannot let the mob control public discourse

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The bigotry of low expectations isn't new, but it has become a distinct feature of the followers of the Democrats — or in Canada, the New Democratic Party.

The mob always knows best, or so they say. Any attempt at dissent is met with swift repercussions. At the very least by shouting down opponents, but also often violence.

But the mob almost always reaps what they sow when they get their way.

The CHAZ zone experienced first hand what happens without emergency services: murder and unnecessary death.

But how can they be wrong? Even when they are wrong no one is allowed to point that out.

Journalist Ami Horowitz has been doing great work lately. He asked white New Yorkers about abolishing the police, and if they think that would be good for the Black community. 

What do you think happened?

White people he talked to all enthusiastically supported abolishing the police, saying it would help the Black community. Then Horowitz asked the same of Harlem residents, all of whom were pretty horrified by the very idea.

So, who actually supports defunding police? Ilhan Omar and AOC do, but most people do not.

According to a poll by Morning Consult, only 28 per cent of Americans support Defunding the Police.

In fact, across multiple polls, support for the idea has dropped 15 points, down to 24 per cent compared to this time last month.

Only radicals who support overthrowing the current system support an abolition of police, regular people don't. And they need to voice their opinion, even at the risk of being drowned out by the hate mob.

If your position is reasonable, you deserve to be heard by your elected officials.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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