WE GOT HIM! Ottawa eco-attacker IDENTIFIED by Rebel viewers

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A group of environmental extremists were protesting on the steps of Parliament Hill this week, so I stopped by to interview them. They started swearing at me but I kept my cool — if that was the most eloquent thing they had to say, so be it.

But then the organizer of the protest — a hard-core leftist named “John” — just punched the microphone right out of my hand, smashing it on the sidewalk.

His name is John O'Brien. We put out a bounty to ID the violent extremist, and the generous fan declined the reward. Instead, that money is now going towards funding the lawyers that are now pushing the Ottawa police to arrest this scoundrel.

The assault was shocking; a passing motorist was so appalled, he pulled over to scold John for his violence. Trouble is, Justin Trudeau’s Parliamentary police watched the whole thing and just didn’t care.

Well I care, and I hope you do too.

Violence against reporters is not acceptable from anyone — even if it’s from a Trudeau ally, like John the eco-extremist.

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