We helped radical leftist group Progress Alberta get into Kenney's budget announcement. Here's how they repaid us.

We helped radical leftist group Progress Alberta in a budget announcement. Here's how they repaid us.
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At Rebel News, we know that fighting for freedom of speech is required even for those that you disagree with.

So yesterday, we actually helped get a radical leftist group called Progress Alberta into a political event at the Alberta legislature that they were banned from.

Reporters gathered in Edmonton for the “lockup” that preceded the budget announcement by Jason Kenney's United Conservative government. Journalists are sequestered in lockup, until the budget is officially released, and only then are they allowed to report on it.

Progress Alberta, a group closely associated with the NDP, wanted to send a reporter into the lockup — but they were banned.

You may remember that a few years ago, Rachel Notley's NDP government barred Rebel reporters from their lockup. It was outrageous! Now under Jason Kenney, Rebel news Chief reporter Sheila Gunn Reid was allowed into the lockup, you can see her report here.

Progress Alberta aren't independent journalist like we are, but so what? Access to budget lockups shouldn't depend on who the ruling government is at the time.

So Progress Alberta went to court and sought an emergency injunction ordering Kenney's government to admit them, and the good news is, a judge granted them one in time to get into the lockup.

But in order to do that, Ezra Levant had to waive a potential conflict of interest, because the lawyers Progress Alberta wanted to use had already been working with Ezra and Rebel News.

And on top of that, Ezra is suing a member of Progress Alberta for deplatforming!

But Ezra didn't just wave his concern for any potential conflict. He also offered up other lawyers that have been helpful, in case Progress Alberta needed more assistance.

Progress Alberta was allowed in, thanks to a judge's ruling — and thanks to Ezra Levant and Rebel News.

So how do radical leftist thank Ezra? Well, you can see here:

Progress Alberta actually advocated for Rebel to be banned from the event!

I guess it's like that old saying says: You can't teach a radical leftist group not to be pro-censorship.

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