"We will stand up": Albertans protest healthcare worker vax mandate in Calgary

Healthcare workers and their supporters held a protest in Calgary opposing the decision by Alberta Health Services to issue a vaccine mandate.

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Supporters of healthcare workers gathered in massive numbers in cities across Canada on Sept. 1 to protest the implementation of mandatory vaccine mandates and vaccine passports for doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals.

Healthcare workers who have worked for the past 19 months without vaccines are now being treated as disposable commodities, by the very folks who had hailed them as heroes prior to the implementation of vaccine mandates.

Many we spoke with at Calgary’s protest, outside the Foothills Medical Centre hospital, were not anti-vaccine or anti-mask activists. They were concerned citizens and healthcare workers opposed to coercive medical practices. Many were attending a protest for the first time in their lives.

The general mistrust of health bureaucrats and politicians that people have been harbouring throughout the restrictions has reached a boiling point with Justin Trudeau’s divisive and segregational rhetoric. Trudeau insists that Canada would never force someone to take a vaccine, all while threatening and coercing Canadians with loss of employment, inability to travel and the loss of our rights to medical privacy. His conduct is un-Canadian, and people will no longer stand for it.

I personally asked Premier Jason Kenney about vaccine passports a while back. He stated that the province would not implement vaccine passports, and further committed to intervening on behalf of Albertans, should the federal government attempt to enforce one. Kenney kept his promise and stood up to Justin Trudeau, but he somehow missed Alberta Health Services mandating vaccines for all employees just days later in his very own backyard. It remains to be seen if the premier will do the right thing and keep his word.

Almost every mainstream media outlet was present to cover the poorly attended, pro-restriction Astroturf protests hosted by activist doctors, with equipment conveniently loaned from a mega union, but there were barely any mainstream media present to cover this massive gathering of people fighting for the basic rights of their fellow Canadians. As usual, Rebel News was there to tell the other side of the story. If you want to support real journalists throughout this election, go to RealReporters.ca.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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