Unvaccinated healthcare workers from Kamloops, B.C. speak out

My body, my choice...unless you are an unvaccinated frontline healthcare worker in B.C.

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My body, my choice, right? Well, that is unless you are an unvaccinated frontline healthcare worker in British Columbia. Then your body had better comply with the government’s ultimatum to receive a novel COVID-19 injection, or else that career you worked so hard to achieve will be taken from you.

On August 12, B.C.’s public health officials announced a medical information disclosure and COVID-19 injection mandate for long-term care and senior assisted living workers. The mandate requires workers to be fully inoculated for COVID-19 by October 12 or be restricted from entering such facilities.

The mandate has left some healthcare workers, like Kamloops’ Glenn Aalderink and Marissa Barkworth, concerned about the loss of freedom of choice and bodily autonomy for those who were once considered heroes for working in healthcare during the last 18 months with COVID-19. They are also concerned about the potential stresses that will be placed on the healthcare system, which is already experiencing a shortage of workers, once the healthcare workers who won’t be coerced into taking the injections are unable to work anymore.

Watch this full report to hear Aalderink and Barkworth discuss such concerns, as well as their plans to be heard on a larger scale during a Canada-wide protest for health freedom which is scheduled to take place on September 1 in over 20 locations across the country.

B.C. is planning to roll out one of the most extreme COVID-19 injection passports in the world, one that will restrict unvaccinated citizens from entering certain non-essential businesses. This will be the case even if they have medical or religious reasons for being unable to take the jab, or are recently recovered from COVID-19 and have robust antibodies to the virus.

That’s why we need your help. Rebel News is preparing a legal challenge to such passports, and we have already secured our first plaintiff from British Columbia.

The legal fees for this challenge are adding up already, but we have to ensure that expert lawyers are on this case. Please donate to this civil liberties project at FightVaccinePassports.com.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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