Three health care pros speak out: Two vaccine free, one vaccine INJURED!

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In a recent interview, British Columbia’s Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry said she has “very little patience for people who are not immunized in health care.”

The political Health Lord has gone from in 2020, commending frontline healthcare professionals who unlike her, cared directly for patients with COVID-19, to publicly shaming the ones who disagree with her medical opinion on receiving an injection of a novel vaccine, that is still only approved for emergency use.

And that’s not even all Dr. Henry said that was disturbing. After expressing what little tolerance she has for health professionals who exercise their freedom of choice and bodily autonomy, she proceeded to threaten such workers with a ‘take-the-vaccine-or-else’ ultimatum.

“It is a choice to be immunized, but there are consequences for those who are not immunized,” Henry stated with a straight face, as though punishing those who don’t take a vaccine is normal and something citizens voted into place. Henry went on to use examples such as masking in certain settings and getting tested regularly, but didn’t clearly outline whether or not the invasive PCR test that the CDC has recently called to be phased out will be used, and if there will be more “consequences” she mentioned for such healthcare workers.

Henry’s ultimatum is quite the flip-flop from the outcome of a recent case she was involved in, where the courts ruled that nurses in B.C. will no longer be forced to wear a mask or take the flu vaccine, but rather could rely on their own professional judgment.

So what is the professional judgment of Dr. Bonnie Henry on frontline healthcare workers who don’t agree with being punished for choosing not to take a new jab that’s been linked to at least 10 times more severe allergic reactions than the flu shot?

Watch this full report to hear about just that from two B.C.-based medical professionals who are COVID jab free, and one respiratory therapist from California named Danee Dixon, who says she is suffering from a severe vaccine injury after taking the Pfizer vaccination.

If you want to help prevent Canada from becoming a place where political doctors like Bonnie Henry and bureaucrats like Justin Trudeau normalize the segregation and punishment of citizens based on their vaccination status, please help us make our petition at the most effective petition we’ve ever done, by signing it and sending it to at least five more people.

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