WestJet Doesn’t Care About Their Unvaccinated Employees

Four former WestJet employees, each with sensible reasons for refusing COVID jabs, spoke with Rebel News about how WestJet rejected their exemption requests.

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WestJet spends a lot of time convincing people that they care, but the way they have treated those unwilling to disclose their vaccination status (a.k.a. their private medical details) as of late has annihilated any illusion that they are an inclusive and compassionate employer.

Not only has WestJet shown many loyal employees with sterling work histories the door, but they are also not paying them severance despite years and often decades of service.

Companies like WestJet feel emboldened to unlawfully terminate unvaccinated people without severance because of the rhetoric of politicians who seem to think employment contracts mean nothing.

WestJet has every right to fire employees, even without cause, but as with all employers they must pay them severance if they decide to do so. You can’t change the terms of employment as an employer and then fire employees based on your new-fangled terms of employment, that is not how employment contracts works.

While WestJet may not care, their employees clearly still do.

We were joined by four former WestJet employees who each have very sensible reasons for not willing to be vaccinated, ranging from existing antibodies from having had COVID-19 to severe adverse reactions to their first vaccine dose, all of whom were denied exemptions by WestJet.

Some of them worked on the frontlines of airline travel throughout COVID-19, others worked from home, but despite their different fields of work and reasons for seeking exemptions from vaccine mandates, the universal sentiment when we spoke was heartbreak at being carelessly thrown out by a company that they truly felt was like family to them.

I want to applaud these brave women for taking a stand and coming forward, as they represent so many others who have given everything to WestJet over the years and are now suffering in silence.

We are legally challenging both WestJet and Air Canada over their discriminatory vaccine mandate terminations.

If you want to support the countless airline employees who are being left in the cold, consider making a contribution to our legal efforts at FightVaccinePassports.com.

Donations all go the The Democracy Fund, a registered Canadian charity, so you will receive a tax receipt for your valuable contribution to the fight against medical tyranny.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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