WestJet HQ has no answers after kicking infant, toddler off flight

Earlier this week WestJet called the police and eventually cancelled a “red eye” flight from Calgary to Toronto, after a family was unable to put a mask on a 19-month old child. The child reportedly vomited as the mask was being forced on its face.

The child's father, Safwan Choudhry, claimed that airline staff were trying to force his young daughter to wear a mask, despite exemptions allowing for the child not to. WestJet suggests that it was the man's older child, a three-year-old daughter, that was the issue. 

WestJet has been attempting to enforce a "zero tolerance" policy for customers aboard their planes, in spite of laws that contradict the company's policy. 

The family is currently staying in Calgary, while attempting to make new travel arrangements to return home to Toronto.