What is a woman? TPUSA Young Women's Leadership Summit responds

Rebel News had a simple question for attendees and special guests in Dallas, Texas. Don't watch if you're not a biologist.

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With United States Democrats such as newly-appointed Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson and many far-left activists unable to describe what is a woman, Rebel News thought it would be a good idea to ask attendees of the Young Women's Leadership Summit 2022 in Dallas, Texas, if they could describe what a woman is.

Rebel News was present at the Young Women's Leadership Summit 2022, an event hosted by Turning Point USA in Dallas that aims to promote women in leadership and conservative values. This event saw speakers talk to women from all over the United States and internationally as well, promoting conservative values and strong leadership roles for women.

The discussion of what a woman is also relevant due to the release of Daily Wire's documentary What is a Woman where host Matt Walsh speaks to a wide swath of people, asking them what a woman is. In the documentary, Walsh also talked to transgender people who transitioned and discussed the horrors of the aftermath, along with scholars that propose that women are not limited to their sex and gender.

You can watch the full interviews with many of the people featured in this video by visiting TPUSAReports.com.

Please help us cover the cost of our trip to Dallas to cover both the TPUSA event and the 'Drag The Kids To Pride' protest by visiting TPUSAreports.com.

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