What's really behind Disney's new trigger warnings? | Andrew Chapados joins David Menzies

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Disney recently decided to add a number of so-called trigger warnings” to the beginning of their classic cartoons.

The warnings come on some very obvious choices, and some others that are maybe not quite so controversial, as Rebel commentator Andrew Chapados pointed out a few days ago.

Andrew joined David Menzies this week on Rebel Roundup to discuss the issue at more length. When David suggested viewers should be glad it's just a trigger warning and not major changes to the cartoons themselves — unlike the Star Wars franchise, where Disney recently altered a famous scene involving Han Solo drawing his weapon — Andrew said he didn't want to see any sort of censoring:

Personally I say let everything fly. I'm not offended by any form of art. But if [Disney] is saying that their own stuff is racist it's kind of weird that they're not deleting it. It's kind of weird that they're allowing it to be out there, and that their excuse is we want to spark conversation — little Timmy and Jimmy in the living room are going to have a heated debate about race and cultural appropriation, about two cats saying that they're Siamese.

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