“White Liberals think they own us”: Joy Villa walked away from the left

Has the far left become so intolerant that it's driving people away in droves? Many who value things like freedom of speech, and are against generalizing people by the colour of their skin, are no longer feeling at home with the left.

I bet many of you, like me, are interested in understanding what fleeing the left to become a full blown conservative is like, especially as a visible minority.

That’s why I interviewed Joy Villa, the California based musician who calls herself (and her new book) a “Kickass Conservative” who “Escaped Liberal Feminism to Become a Freedom-Loving Trumplican”.

Like me, Joy is a conservative, visible minority who isn’t ashamed to say so. I think you’ll enjoy hearing about her journey, walking away from the left, her feelings about Donald Trump, and some of the hate both Joy and I face for speaking out.

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