WHO's Dr. Tedros says he's getting death threats: Taiwan calls accusations “baseless”

The director-general of the World Health Organization leveled accusations against the Taiwanese government at a recent press conference, saying he had received death threats from the country, and possibly the government.

It was a strange, public hissy fit. In the recording, Dr. Tedros Adhanom — his PhD is in Community Health, he's not a medical doctor — throws strange and incoherent accusations without supplying any type of evidence. The Taiwanese government responded to the ramblings forcefully to the contrary.

The WHO has systematically ostracized Taiwan from the global effort to combat the Chinese virus. Although Taiwan has been a world-class example on public health policy, the global-health body has shown through several disturbing press engagements that there is an internal policy to discredit and ignore the people and government of Taiwan.

After we started a petition to remove Western nations from the toxic WHO, over 10,000 people responded within 24 hours, to call on Western leaders to leave the WHO.

You and your friends can sign the petition here: WHOwantsOut.com.