1619 project author deletes Twitter history after doxxing conservative journalist

1619 project author deletes Twitter history after doxxing conservative journalist
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The architect of the New York Times’ 1619 Project, Nikole Hannah-Jones, deleted her entire Twitter history after doxxing a conservative journalist who asked her for a comment on her use of the n-word. 

The New York Times recently pressured a veteran journalist into resigning after his colleagues took issue with him referencing the racial epithet. Donald McNeil was accused of racism after complaints regarding his alleged use of the word on a 2019 field trip for high school students organized by the Times, with the allegations resurfacing in recent days. McNeil originally defended his use of the word in the context of an “ugly word” but later recanted and apologized as he resigned from his position.

A reporter from the Washington Free Beacon asked Hannah-Jones about her use of the slur, following the NYT’s apparent efforts to crack down on the use of the slur “regardless of intent.” In response to the question, Hannah-Jones doxxed the reporter by posting a screenshot of his cellphone number on Twitter. 

By Tuesday afternoon, Hannah-Jones had wiped her entire Twitter account due to the backlash she received for doxxing the journalist. A spokesperson for the Times told the Free Beacon that the 1619 author had deleted the tweet. 

"We received your message about the fact that one of our journalists inadvertently posted Aaron's number when she tweeted an email she received from him," wrote the Times’ Eileen Murphy at  9:28 p.m., according to the Free Beacon. "She's deleted that tweet."

Hannah-Jones was clearly aware that the tweet she posted contained the journalist’s personal information, a fact she acknowledged in a conversation with another journalist on Twitter. 

“Lol, and he included his phone number and thought you would actually call him," wrote Uché Blackstock, a Yahoo News contributor, commenting on Hannah-Jones’ tweet. "Girl," Hannah-Jones replied.

As the Free Beacon states, Hannah-Jones’ post violated Twitter’s terms of service as well as the Times’ own guidelines on proper conduct on social media. 

"Always treat others with respect on social media," the Times implores its employees. "If you tweeted an error or something inappropriate and wish to delete the tweet, be sure to quickly acknowledge the deletion in a subsequent tweet."

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  • By Ezra Levant

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