90-year-old freedom lover holds the line at seniors home

Violet Kasper of Saskatoon is standing firm in her decision to abstain from disclosing her vaccination status to her seniors home.

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Senior citizens are among the demographics hit hardest by COVID-19. Once that fact was established early on in 2020, a common phrase started popping up everywhere, shouted from the mountaintops by those who wanted to see more compliance with government public health policies, such as vaccines.

These people would (and sometimes still do) decry “you’re going to kill grandma! You’re so selfish!”

This might make one think that all senior citizens feel the same way about how COVID-19 was handled; however, I’ve come to know a lady who is 90 years old and definitely does not want the whole world to get a vaccine or stay inside for her behalf!

Au contraire.

The feisty Violet Kasper of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan is standing firm in her decision not only to abstain from disclosing her vaccination status to her seniors home, a part of LutherCare Communities, a large company with several locations across the province.

She even refuses to back down on weekly testing, as her and her son, Nicholas Kasper, feel that things have already gone too far and cannot be scientifically or ethically justified.

Over the last couple of months, as the situation evolved, I watched Violet stand against LutherCare in a staring contest to see who would blink first. It seems she is the only resident in her building who is standing firm on this, so the policy responses from LutherCare have had to keep up with Violet’s decisions by coming up with consequences for her choice not to comply.

Now, it has reached an impasse where she has been told she is mostly bound to her apartment, unless she chooses to comply with the proposed weekly testing.

Why won’t she do this, when so many Canadians have made that compromise already?

Put simply, they believe nobody should be forced to compromise on testing unless the unvaccinated population is also tested, since fully vaccinated people can also spread COVID-19.

They also believe that a healthy 90-year-old has a right to enjoy her last years in peace.

If you’re needing a little bit of rejuvenation for your weary freedom-fighting spirit, have a watch. I think Violet’s spark might be just the thing you need to cheer you up. This lady does not need the government telling her how to take care of herself.

Maybe she can inspire more people to just say NO!

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  • By Ezra Levant

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