Airbus too small to carry Trudeau's liquor order: India Trip 2018 Planning Emails

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Justin Trudeau’s 2018 India trip was liquor-soaked, with $3,815 worth of booze required for just two receptions — possibly explaining some of the Prime Minister’s behaviour at least one of his official events.

Last year, Rebel News reported that Justin Trudeau spent $370,000 on food and catering and another $3,200 on booze on just six trips on the government Airbus in 2019

The February 2018 India trip was no different. Emails exclusively obtained by Rebel News from Global Affairs detail several discussions concerning the amount of booze for the trip — quantities required were increased several times, and the eventual amount was so great it needed to be shipped separately and sourced from two different supplies.

“As for the reason of the extra purchase of alcohol it was because the Airbus could not hold the amount”

“They didn't send the proper amount of whiskey, either.”

“HQ didn't increase the Crown Royal or single malt to make up for the Johnny Walker black bottles that were in our initial request hence we purchased more Crown Royal at CAANZA and additional beer just in case.”

In Trudeau's well-kept world, an Airbus aircraft isn't big enough to carry the amount of booze he demands.

But that’s not all. In our research, Rebel News also discovered the cost of the liquor that was shipped on the Airbus. The bill hit $3,815 in the form of 16 boxes of alcohol for the Mumbai reception (increased from 14) and 39 boxes for the New Delhi party, shipped over for Trudeau.

These amounts of booze do not include the alcohol for Trudeau’s plane, according to another email.

“All of the reception box labels have been printed on white paper, we will use green paper for the alcohol which is to be served on the airbus.”

Lawyers for Rebel News have sent a legal letter to the Auditor General, asking for a full audit of the India trip. To support those efforts and sign the petition, please visit

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