Alberta Health Services Employee - Works remotely

Alberta Health Services is attempting to force an IT employee, who works from home, to get a COVID vaccine.

A while back, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney told Rebel News reporter Adam Soos that his government is not just against vaccine passports, but that the premier would actively oppose them.

So why is an Alberta government agency, Alberta Health Services, mandating COVID vaccines for employees and contractors?

Why does our anonymous plaintiff need a jab to keep their job?  

It's outrageous that anyone should be forced to take experimental medicine just to be able to earn a living and pay the bills, but it's more insane to find out that even people who work from home have to submit to private medical procedures too, just because they get a paycheque from the government.

That's why we are helping this AHS IT professional fight their vaccine passport.

Rebel News has put them in contact with a top-notch lawyer, Chad Williamson from Williamson Law, to fight this attempt at a coerced inoculation in court.

You can learn more about this AHS Employee's legal proceedings and follow along for updates on this page.

  • By Ezra Levant

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