Alberta MLA: Veterans fought to protect abortion rights

Marie Renaud, the NDP MLA for the suburban Edmonton riding of St. Alberta has made Remembrance Day about abortion.

She co-opted for her own selfish political causes our day of remembrance to honor our fallen heroes who fought against the evil of fascism and paid the ultimate price to defend our freedom. But before we get to how she did something so reprehensible, we have to go back in time to late last week.

In a move the mainstream media laughably calls controversial, a conservative member of the Alberta legislature has brought forward a private members bill which promises to reaffirm freedom of conscience and religion for doctors.

It's already a protected right in Canada. For example, a Catholic doctor does not have to participate in assisted suicide or abortion. The new bill in Alberta would simply reiterate the province's commitment to protecting those rights for all moral objectors, religious or otherwise.

And the new bill would not deny anybody access to abortion or assisted suicide.

However, that did not quell the outrage from people who never actually read the bill from panicking about how the legislation would quote “reopen the abortion debate” or “limit women's rights to choose.” That brings us to yesterday.

Renaud quoted a tweet sent by the Canadian military about remembering the fallen on Remembrance Day. She directed her tweet about the military to Premier Kenny and rural backbench Conservative MLA Dan Williams, the MLA who brought forward the conscience rights affirmative bill.

“Just a reminder, Dan Williams and Jason Kenney. They fought for Canada. They fought for our right to choose.”

Just so we're all clear here, Renaud means the right to choose to abort your unborn baby. She doesn't mean the right to choose your religion, your political affiliation, to choose what you think and what you say unmolested by the state. She thinks our Grandpas and great-uncles, many of whom were, as was the culture at the time, devoutly religious people, signed up to fight the Nazis so she could terminate a baby.

No. That didn’t happen.

What a ghoulish statement for Renaud to make considering the number of people who went to their death at the hands of the Nazis because their religion was incompatible with the goals of the fascist state.

Those 6 million Jews and many Catholics went to their deaths along with people whose precious lives were considered inconvenient for the goals of the state - the disabled, the mentally infirm, the sickly, the elderly, the Roma, and gay.

Those “inconvenient” lives were ended alongside brave men and women - civilians, clergy and otherwise - who refused to violate their conscience to abide activities performed by the state that they found evil. Inevitable death for them was preferable than participation in evil.

That legacy of unwavering bravery in the face of moral degeneracy is protected in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Those are the freedoms Canadians fought and died for. Freedom of religion, freedom of conscience, freedom of expression, and freedom of association.

So no, Marie, they did not fight for your right to terminate your baby. They did, however, fight for your right to freely express yourself, so that you can reveal your monumental ignorance on public platforms like Twitter.