Jeremy Loffredo & Sonny Nelson Fact Check Andrew Says | Andrew Says 84

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Rebel News USA reporter Jeremy Loffredo (@LoffredoJeremy) stops by Andrew Says for the first time with incredible insight on a recent story out of New York's gubernatorial race that saw a man attempt to attack candidate Lee Zeldin.

Loffredo also shares facts surrounding monkeypox, its vaccine and the manufacturers behind what the World Health Organization (WHO) calls an international emergency.

Sonny Joy Nelson (@SonnyJoyNelson on GETTR) returns to discuss the recession and inflation that is rocking the United States.

Commenting on Kamala Harris, Nelson and Loffredo look at the chances the Democrat Party have in the upcoming mid-term elections, and pontificate as to who could be their candidate if Joe Biden is ousted.

Exclusively to RebelNews+, Loffredo and Nelson discuss vaccine efficacy and the aforementioned elections. This content cannot be shared on YouTube so be sure to subscribe to get the full story on the possible dangers of the monkeypox vaccine.

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