How do Canadians feel about Canada's plan to ban fossil fuel vehicles?

Rebel News took to the streets of Calgary to hear people's thoughts on the 'green' revolution.

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Canada’s Liberal Minister of Transportation, Omar Alghabra, expressed plans for Canada’s goal to sell only zero-emission vehicles by 2035.

In other words, gas-powered vehicles will be extinct!

While some people promote this idea as a breakthrough towards “green energy,” others worry about the harmful effects to our environment, and see this as an attack on the fossil fuel industries in Canada, specifically Alberta.

Have you ever wondered how electric cars are produced? The crucial material to developing a battery for an electric powered vehicle is the metal lithium. This is an expensive, non-renewable element that comes at a mass environmental cost to retrieve, which is opposite of what our officials have been making it seem.

All forms of resource extraction come with negative effects such as “soil degradation, water shortages, biodiversity loss, damage to the ecosystem functions, and increased global warming." To raise concerns even more, some countries mining for lithium rely on child labour.

With the combination of environmental damage and child labour that is attached to this “green energy” idea, it seems as though Canada’s Minister of Transportation hasn’t been transparent on how he plans to achieve this goal and how he would address all of these issues surrounding it.

I took to the streets of downtown Calgary to gather public opinion on how people feel about the banning of gas-powered vehicles. As the oil and gas industry is recovering from many harsh years of an economic downturn, how are Calgarians reacting to this plan?

Would they simply walk away from what keeps the province of Alberta rolling and flourishing in the economy? Do they know the harmful effects that come with powering electric-based transportation?

For a country like Canada that experiences harsh and long winters, does this make any sense, when electric vehicles don't work well in cold weather? If our officials say electric cars are cleaner, let's start asking them about the details of battery production and the child labour behind it.

If you would like to help us fight for oil and gas in Canada, and stop the push for the Great Reset, visit and take action.

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