Anti-communist retweet sent Health Canada on this “urgent” internal hunt

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An anti-communist tweet from Health Canada's official Twitter account sent alarm bells and panicked emails all the way up to the Minister's office.

In September, a pro-Falun Gong message was retweeted by the ministry. The Falun Gong are a persecuted religious minority in China who have reportedly been subject to re-education, imprisonment, and organ harvesting.

The tweet was deleted as quickly as it was tweeted, but was documented by independent journalist, Spencer Fernando:

In a interesting Retweet, Health Canada’s official Twitter account Retweeted a Tweet that says “#Fu*k CCP” and “#TakeDownThe CCP.”

Is it a mistake, or is someone sending a message?

While the Trudeau government has been pathetically weak towards China, it seems someone at Health Canada is taking a different approach.

We wanted to know the full story. Did heads roll over the brave anti-CCP stance by the operator of the Health Canada Twitter account?

Rebel News asked Health Canada for “copies of all documents including emails, text messages, instant messages, Slack messages, WhatsApp messages, briefing notes, memos, reports, media lines regarding Health Canada's Twitter account retweeting and then removing retweets for certain tweets and videos” as described by the Spencer Fernando article.

In the documents returned to us, we learned the anti-CCP tweet was flagged to the Health Ministry by a systems librarian at Justice Canada, who wrote:

Urgent: are you aware that the government of Canada Health Twitter account has retweeted what appears to be a Falun Gong anti-Chinese Communist party video?

Health bureaucrats were annoyed that people were memorializing the tweet, even after they tried to memory hole it:

Unfortunately now there's an article covering the retweet with a screenshot...

Bureaucrats tasked with investigating concluded that it was all an accident, stating “we have determined that it was human error and the appropriate measures and training are being enforced to ensure the situation doesn't happen again,” but they couldn’t say who did it, lamenting they “don't want to single out anyone but wish someone would just own up to it so we know.”

Why? So this person can be fired for not loving China as much as the rest of the Health Ministry?

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  • By Ezra Levant

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