Antifa's second Toronto tent city gets an eviction notice (but they're still there)

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Dufferin Grove Park update: Finally, the City of Toronto has issued the members of Afro Indigenous Rising with trespass notices, demanding they leave this west-end public park. And good riddance!

Previously, for three, long, stinky weeks, this assortment of Antifa and Black Lives Matter types had occupied Nathan Phillips Square, home to Toronto City Hall, along with a ragtag hodgepodge of allies including the homeless, drug addicts, and the mentally ill.

That was just fantastic for for both the local population and tourists!

They were eventually issued trespass notices there, giving them 72 hours to vacate the premises.

But when the deadline came, they required an additional 96 hours (!) to comply, and of course, the city acquiesced because Toronto is a sanctuary city in which the tail now wags the dog.

Now this group, currently occupying Dufferin Grove Park, has been given yet another 72 hours to vamoose. The question is, will AIR members obey the edict? And if so, what will be the next park targeted as a campground by this motley crew?

How about High Park, some 5 km away?

After all, Mayor John Tory has removed the Berlin Wall-style fence that had been erected there to keep taxpaying citizens out of this park, lest they congregate en masse to smell the cherry blossoms, thereby violating social distancing etiquette? (We’re making this up, by the way...)

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  • By Ezra Levant


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  • By Ezra Levant

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