Audit of $176 million in contracts shows “irregularities” in Catherine McKenna's paperwork

Catherine McKenna was losing track of, and mismanaging government contracts long before she ever lost track of 20,000 government projects at her new job as the Infrastructure Minister.

A recent audit of her mismanagement of contracts at Environment and Climate Change reveals nearly half were missing key documents and records.

And that’s probably not even the worst of what went on during the bid process.

Blacklock's Reporter has the story behind their paywall:

A federal audit has found contracting irregularities at the Department of the Environment, including one case where a favoured contractor started untendered work before competitors were even given notice. The audit covered a two-year period when $176.6 million in contracts were awarded under then-Minister Catherine McKenna.

...the department awarded eight untendered contracts to the same company, all valued at $24,558 apiece. The figure was just below the minimum $25,000 threshold for open bidding.

...Cabinet in 2019 raised the disclosure threshold from $25,000 to $40,000.

...Of forty contracts investigated at random by Ombudsman Jeglic, eighteen were “missing key documents” including the names of employees who evaluated the bids.

Contracts awarded before the bid process is over, awarded to unknown companies. Contracts awarded without proper records. No records of who awarded the contracts. And many contracts structured to the same company to avoid competition and bidding. It’s a scandal.

And to think, Bev Oda resigned over a $16 orange juice.