Aussie fitness influencer vlogs from forced quarantine camp, receives citation for being maskless

Morgan Rose Moroney, a popular Australian blogger and fitness influencer, casually outlined the authoritarian health measures of life inside a forced quarantine site in the country's Northern Territory.

Aussie fitness influencer vlogs from forced quarantine camp, receives citation for being maskless
YouTube / Morgan Rose Moroney
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Popular Australian fitness trainer/influencer Morgan Rose Moroney has been documenting her strange stay in a “mandatory supervised quarantine facility” in Darwin, Australia.

Moroney, who documented her hotel quarantine in 2020, has been vlogging from inside the facility where she was recently “given a written report” by police for exercising while maskless outside.

In the dystopian video, where Moroney sometimes carries on with life as usual, sharing her diet, exercises and clothing options, she shares the story of her police interaction:

This morning I went outside because I got called by the police and got given a written report for not wearing a mask while working out on this veranda, so I am going to be super careful for the rest of the quarantine.

Make sure I wear my mask every time I step out of the room, even apparently when you're eating and drinking and stuff as well, I think.

So, if I want to eat and drink — if I want to do anything with my mask off — I've got to be inside. That's the rules here at the quarantine.

“So, yeah that's just great,” Moroney sarcastically concluded.

The Centre for National Resilience in Howard Springs, Darwin is listed under the quarantine facilities on the government website for the Northern Territory of Australia.

Moroney also later documents how the man quarantining with her “got in trouble for being on the base of his stairs of his veranda while he was working out.”

She continued:

He got a verbal warning from the police officer, and I obviously got a written warning from the police officer the other day as well.

So, we need to be super careful of going outside without masks. We have to wear a mask when we go outside, otherwise we're both going to get a $5,024 fine.

Strangely, Moroney quickly transitions from this recollection of authoritarian measures into promoting a sale of the clothing brand she is sponsored by.

Moroney has 935,000 followers on Instagram and 170,000 subscribers on YouTube.


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  • By Avi Yemini

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