Avi Yemini CONFRONTS lockdown protesters in Melbourne

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For the fourth consecutive weekend, demonstrators took to Melbourne streets to protest the harshest lockdown restrictions in the world.

Victoria recorded 14 new cases on Sunday and only 11 on Monday, but Premier Dan Andrews still refuses to ease restrictions.

Instead, the premier is trying to pass a COVID-19 omnibus bill which if passed, will expand already controversial police powers.

Currently, Melburnians can only leave their homes for essential shopping and a maximum of two hours of exercise per day within 5km of their home. Melbourne also has a strict 9 pm curfew that the Cheif Health Officer denied requesting.

With a population of approximately 6.6 million people, protesters argue that 0.00017% of infections today cannot justify the lockdown.

In recent weeks police have arrested hundreds of protesters, including anyone merely posting on Facebook about planning to attend these events.

A young pregnant mother was arrested in front of her children for posting about a freedom rally in Ballarat. The same week I was tackled to the ground and arrested for reporting at a lockdown protest.

My case is now before the Supreme Court of Victoria.

Support our fight for justice and press freedom at StandWithAvi.com.

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