Bake My Day owner refuses to comply with Alberta's COVID passport

Alberta Health Services first showed up at the Indigenous-owned bakery during a Truth and Reconciliation Day event, and soon issued a closure order.

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Jen Foster is the owner and operator of Bake My Day in Beaumont Alberta.

Bake my Day is a family run bakery and restaurant in a quiet neighbourhood in a sleepy bedroom community just outside of Edmonton city limits. But it's also a place where one woman and her family and her staff are making a stand against medical segregation. Jen is our latest business.

Although the Alberta government mandated vaccine passports for dine-in service September 20th, Jen is not prying into the private medical history of her customers before they sit down for a pastry or bowl of soup. At Bake my Day, the unvaccinated may dine side by side with the jabbed, and according to Jen, that's none of her business.

"I'll let my business go out of business before I ask for somebody's vaccination records," she said.

"Everything in me just said that this is absolutely wrong, because we all know that vaccinated people can still get COVID, can still pass it along."

The customers are pleased with Jen's stand but the government is not. Jen was issued a closure notice and she had her food handling permit pulled on October 8th— not because she is handling food in an unsafe way— but because she is not vax passing her patrons.

Jen is displaying our decal on her door signalling to the world that she cares about human rights, privacy and dignity. Bake My Day is resisting segregation and Jen and her family face a high personal cost. But she tells me she's governed by her conscience.

If you are a small business owner making the pledge to mind your own business while you're doing business, please submit your information at, let us tell your story and let us send you a decal for your door.

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