Barbara Kay: Statues are first, people are next

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant ShowNational Post columnist Barbara Kay about her new column, where she describes Brock University professor Tomáš Hudlický and the mob that has come for him after his “alarming” statement that the relationship between supervisor and graduate student should be, “an unconditional submission of the apprentice to his/her master.”

As Barbara says in her column: 

Hudlický should not be blamed for using the word “master” in one of its correct, neutral applications, having nothing whatsoever to do with race relations. Far from “objectionable,” Hudlický raises a rational and pertinent question about knowledge transference in his own discipline that can be applied to a myriad other professions, crafts and activities.

But the prevailing obsession with equity and inclusion has created mistrust of all power structures, especially when dominated by white males, even when the structure, such as that of master-apprentice, has a demonstrably positive effect on performance excellence. Some students, consumed by social justice in their formative undergraduate years, continue to conduct themselves as equity missionaries in their graduate studies and working lives, to the point of transgressing normative institutional boundaries.

You can follow Barbara on Twitter @BarbaraRKay.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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