Bash at the Beach: Toronto police threaten to ticket #YahooNation partiers at Cherry Beach

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You may recall how a week ago Saturday, members of #YahooNation — the anti-lockdown protesters — as well those who just wanted to have a jolly good time made their way from their usual Queen’s Park protest to an all-night party at Toronto’s Cherry Beach.

A good time was had by all as a slice of Cherry Beach was transformed into an outdoor nightclub complete with pulsating lights and music.

But on the following Sunday morning, two chainsaw-wielding degenerates showed up lunging at random pedestrians and cyclists. Then they sawed up the DJ’s equipment, causing about $4,000 in damages before thankfully being arrested by Toronto Police.

Oh, here’s a shocker: turns out both of these chainsaw chumps have long criminal records. Why weren’t they rotting in jail? Maybe they were released so that their correctional facility could practice social distancing? But I digress...

Despite this scary situation, hundreds returned to Cherry Beach last Saturday night/Sunday morning to party hardy.

The good news: there were no Texas Chainsaw Massacre wannabes showing up to cause harm.

But there were dozens of police and bylaw enforcement officers who told the partygoers that if they did not leave the beach, they would be given a trespassing fine. Some left, but when midnight struck, no tickets were issued. That’s when law enforcement informed them that the new deadline was 1:00AM.

A few more left, but when 1:00AM rolled along, no charges were issued. And then, around 1:30AM, all the bylaw officers… left!

Because it would seem that obeying the law in Toronto these days is merely a suggestion, not a demand given the number of filthy tent cities that have sprung up all over Hogtown.

Not that I’m upset the partygoers weren’t charged, mind you.

After all, to issue tickets to a bunch of young people having a good time on the beach while turning a blind-eye to the Antifa and Black Lives Matter types who comprise the likes of Afro-Indigenous Rising (as they illegally occupy public squares and public parks), well, to charge one group and not the other would be downright hypocritical, wouldn’t it?

So, welcome to Toronto, where with every passing day, anything goes.

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