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B.C. woman refuses quarantine hotel, lands $3,500 fine

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Today’s report is on our newest Fight The Fines case, Sandra.

After arriving at the Vancouver International Airport, Sandra understandably refused to go to one of the COVID Jails that our government refers to as “Quarantine Hotels.” Sandra also refused to have yet another PCR test shoved up her naval cavity, since she had already done so within the previous 72 hours.

You’ll see that aside from being surrounded by officers while doing so, Sandra was hit with a $3,450 fine for standing up on behalf of all of us who know these “quarantine facilities” need to stop. That’s where we need your help. Please go to to help us cover the costs involved to hire top-notch freedom defending lawyer, Joshua Halpern, to fight Sandra’s ticket at no cost to her.

Sandra should be supported by us freedom lovers for her bravery.

Who could possibly blame anyone, especially a woman, for refusing to go to one of these places, when they know they have their own safe home to go to. Especially, after another woman, who we are also providing with free legal counsel, alleged that she was sexually assaulted during her detainment.

If these COVID Jails where healthy and asymptomatic people are being forcefully detained don’t stop, there is no guarantee that only international travellers will be confined to them. Last summer, I reported on how the draconian laws that governments have been using to dictate to us since a pandemic was declared could lead to mandatory isolation centres that could even split up families who haven’t travelled.

To help fight this possibility, or to tell us about a tyrannical fine you've received due to COVID-19 restrictions, join us at

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  • By Mocha Bezirgan

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