Biden nominee for deputy education secretary pushed radical training of San Diego teachers

Biden nominee for deputy education secretary pushed radical training of San Diego teachers
Misael Virgen / San Diego Union-Tribune
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President-elect Joe Biden has nominated an educator who promoted the concept that schools “spirit murder” black children and the idea that white educations should undergo “anti-racist therapy” to serve in his administration.

San Diego Unified School District Superintendent Cindy Marten has been nominated as Deputy Secretary of Education. According to NBC San Diego, Marten was named SDUSD’s superintendent in 2013, following a unanimous vote by the city’s Board of Education. She is a former teacher with a 32-year career in education.

"I will be leaving my post as your Superintendent, following confirmation by the United States Senate," Marten said in a statement. "I have already spoken with Secretary-designate Miguel Cardona, and I have never been more optimistic about the future of the American education system. I have also spoken with the San Diego Unified Board of Education to ensure a seamless transition. Everyone remains focused on providing our students with a full recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic."

According to journalist and the director of the Discovery Institute’s Center on Wealth & Poverty, Christopher Rufo, Marten has promoted the concept that public schools commit “spirit murder” of black children. According to whistleblower documents obtained from a training session within the SDUSD, speakers told white teachers that they needed to “undergo anti-racist therapy.”

As previously reported at Rebel News, the San Diego school district hired a critical race theorist, Bettina Love, to push the progressive ideology that has become endemic across the academic landscape in the United States. 

“According to the whistleblower notes, Love began by saying that ‘racism runs deep’ in America and that blacks alone ‘know who America really is.’ Love claimed that public schools ‘don't see [blacks] as human,’ perpetuate ‘anti-Blackness,’ and ‘spirit murder babies.’”

“The concept of ‘spirit murder’ is at the heart of Love’s teachings,” reported Rufo. “Love writes that public schools are guilty of ‘the spirit murdering of Black and Brown children,’ defined as ‘a death that is built on racism and intended to reduce, humiliate, and destroy people of color.’

Rufo reported that Marten personally introduced Love and praised her presentation about “spirit murder,” “anti-racist therapy,” and “abolitionist teaching.” Rufo describes Marten as “one of the most radical superintendents in the country.”

“While the leadership of San Diego Unified promotes the antiracist agenda, resentment is growing among teachers and administrators. The whistleblower described the district’s embrace of race trainings as ‘insidious’ and said many employees are reluctant to speak out, for fear that they will be accused of racism. Some evidence also suggests that parents are beginning to mobilize, but they will meet stiff resistance from the radicals at the helm of many school districts. For now, we should expect these ideological campaigns to intensify,” he wrote.

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