“Big Goons” hand COVID ticket to retired chiropractor in Steinbach, Manitoba

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Dr. Gerry Bohemier is a retired Winnipeg area chiropractor, and according to the COVID cops in Manitoba, he's a lockdown scofflaw.

Bohemier has received not one, but two lockdown tickets totaling nearly $2,600 — one came as part of the provincial government’s crackdown on Pastor Tobias Tissen's Church of God outside of Steinbach, Manitoba.

Going to church in Manitoba has become an act of righteous civil disobedience, and Tissen's small rural church has been the rallying point. The Church of God has attracted worshipers from across the region, from all denominations, as Tissen continues to hold services in defiance of the lockdown.

Bohemier attended a socially distant worship service broadcast over radio to congregants at the Church of God. At the time, that too was prohibited by the government. Cops and tow trucks came to stop the service, block the road and tow away vehicles.

Bohemier and others were able to stop the tow trucks and RCMP officers from removing a vehicle with a family still in it, but he wasn't able to stop the police from ticketing him for being there.

Bohemier reached out to us for help at our civil liberties project www.FightTheFines.com. Rebel News is helping him fight his ticket in court, free of charge to him.

If you've received a lockdown ticket, don't pay it. Fight it at www.FightTheFines.com.

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