Black Lives Matter invades small Alberta town, can’t explain why — but locals push back

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On Saturday, hoards of Antifa and Black Lives Matter radicals descended on the small town of Innisfail to “re-educate” them out of their supposed racist ways.

Earlier this week, I spoke with minorities in town, and not one allegation of racism (much less racialized police brutality) could be found. By all accounts, the town is delightful and welcoming.

That isn’t going to cut it for BLM: They want to intimidate small town Alberta. It has nothing to do with racism – that is just their excuse, it has to do with their demographics. BLM and Antifa hate Innisfailers not because the town is racist, but because they are largely white. In Canada – that is not allowed. Diversity must be enforced. Militantly.

According to Statistics Canada, the town is 0.449 per cent black. In the minds of the radical left,  that means that the town is not up to par with today’s diversity quotas, and something has got to change.

Despite reports from the fake news media that there were only about a “half dozen” counter protesters, there were in fact nearly 100 local folks in the crowd standing up for themselves, fighting back against the racist label that BLM had painted on the town.

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