BREAKING: Liberals survive confidence vote, snap election avoided

BREAKING: Liberals survive confidence vote, snap election avoided

The Trudeau Liberals have survived a confidence vote, meaning a pandemic-burdened snap election will be avoided. 

Trudeau declared the Conservative motion to create a special committee to probe ethics concerns and COVID-19 spending a matter of confidence, which would have plunged the country into an election had the majority of the House not backed the Liberal party leader.

The motion was narrowly defeated, with 180 opposing and 146 affirming. Members of Parliament for the New Democratic Party and Green Party sided with the Liberals, while the Conservatives and Bloc-Quebecois voted in favour of the special committee.

Both the NDP and Greens expressed discontent with the position their parties had been put in, with NDP leader Jagmeet Singh calling the Liberals "out-of-touch" yesterday during a scrum for threatening an election.

Green Party leader Annamie Paul agreed with the formation of a special committee, but asserted that a pandemic was "no time for an election."

Carleton MP Pierre Poilievre tweeted that the Conservatives were not going to relent in their push against the Liberals, simply tweeting "back to the Finance Committee to pursue WE documents."