WE Charity was set to receive $20M to manage student grant program

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Today we catch Justin Trudeau in a lie about the recently canceled nearly $1 billion program to hand out cash to students in exchange for volunteer work.

Trudeau said the contract would not enrich the Trudeau linked charity run by the Kielburger brothers, which was granted the sole-source contract to administer it.

We've already known that the Prime Minister's mother and brother were paid over $350,000 to speak at those creepy, cult-like WE events your children have to go to.

And WE Charity has other links to the other high profile Liberals:

Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s two daughters are linked to the charity, and at least one has been on the WE payroll.

And now we know how much the Liberal donating Kielburger organization stood to make, off the backs of Canadian taxpayers: $20 million.

Look at this. Blacklock's has the story today behind its paywall:

The amount in the contract to WE was about $20 million,” Trudeau told reporters.

Cabinet on June 25 hired We Charity of Toronto to manage grants for post-secondary students. No other charity was invited to bid.

Neither the Prime Minister nor Morneau questioned the $20 million payment or absented themselves from a cabinet vote on the contract. “I made a mistake in not recusing myself immediately from the discussions given our family’s history,” Trudeau said yesterday. “I am sincerely sorry about not having done that.”

The Conflict Of Interest Act requires that all public office holders avoid “any discussion, decision, debate or vote on any matter in respect of which he or she would be in a conflict of interest”, including any decision that would further the private interests of “relatives or friends”. Maximum penalty for breach of the Act is a $500 fine.

And now because of the cancelation of the scandal-plagued cronyist failure-to-launch of the COVID bailout to students, WE, now out an easy $20 million, has laid off 450 of the 465 people they hired to administer the boondoggle.

So wait: It wasn’t an actual student volunteer work for cash program at all, was it?

It was really a labor subsidy program under the auspices of the student benefit program for Trudeau’s rich friends at WE who in turn pay his family hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees to give speeches kids definitely don’t care about.

And as Keean Bexte previously reported, WE pays often less than minimum wage. So how much of that 20 million dollars was actually going to wages? And how much was going to be funnelled back to the Liberal Party or the Trudeau family through donations and speaking fees?

WE is the Bombardier of charities, with a side helping of SNC-Lavalin.

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