(FLASHBACK) We Day in Toronto: “The entire event was just creepy”

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Did you see the shocking admission today?

A massive left-wing lobby group called “WE Charity” admitted to secretly paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to Justin Trudeau’s family members — none of which was publicly disclosed.

This same “charity” was also hand-picked by Trudeau to handle $900,000,000 in government grants to paid volunteers.

(You’ll notice that paid volunteers aren’t a real thing.)It’s so corrupt and crooked, but so unsurprising. I wrote a whole book about Trudeau corruption, called The Libranos.

That was just the tip of the iceberg.

Here’s a report that our former reporter Jessica Swietonioswki produced about WE. Watch it again — you can see that they’re not only cult-like in their control, but they are obviously closely tied to the Liberals.

We just never knew quite how close!Trudeau is corrupt. But given what he’s gotten away with so far, how likely is he to face any consequences for this?

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