Busy beach in Canada labeled “human behaviour at its worst”

A Global News reporter goes to the beach to enjoy himself and is mad that other people have gone to the beach to enjoy themselves!

If you think that’s a bit much, look at what some politician said at Ontario’s Wasaga Beach, about 90 minutes drive from Toronto. 

“We saw human behaviour at its worst.” Overcrowding an issue at Wasaga Beach, Ont., on Canada Day

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, we looked at local coverage of maskless beach-goers enjoying the hot weather.

I’ve been to Iraq — to refugee camps. I met a Yazidi rape slave who was raped 240 times by terrorists. Every day we learn about horrific treatment of humans by other humans — about civil rights being destroyed, about violence and crime and even genocide.

But no.Overcrowding” at a Canadian beach is “human behaviour at its worst,” according to this guy.