New war on your civil liberties — all in the name of the pandemic

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This story is from Ontario — but it could be anywhere in Canada.

It was a glorious July weekend in most parts of the country. If you’re fancy, you can go to your private cottage or cabin or lake house. But if you’re not fancy, you don’t have one, you can’t afford one. But the beach is just as much fun, and it’s free.

Yeah, no. Look at this tweet by a Toronto journalist:

Florida or Toronto??

Sadly Toronto— Went for a Sunday stroll at Bluffer’s Park- while some are respecting social distancing many more are @cityoftoronto bylaw officers in sight

Yeah, those insane Florida people, so irresponsible! I mean, CNN says so. Except that Florida, which has exactly 50 per cent more people than Ontario, doesn’t have 50 per cent more deaths from the virus than Ontario. Ontario is deadlier.

The photo in the tweet is shot at a certain angle — I think in art it’s called foreshortening. It looks crowded, right?

In fact, that photo, which has a hundred people in it, shows a stretch of beach hundreds and hundreds of yards long. It’s a bit of a trick.

But the greatest trick is this:

A Global News reporter goes to the beach to enjoy himself and is mad that other people have gone to the beach to enjoy themselves!

But look at what else the Global News reporter did in that tweet:

He tagged John Tory, Doug Ford and the public health officer. He’s tattling. He’s not news reporting. He’s being a scold. He’s calling the manager!

If you think that’s a bit much, look at what some politician said at Ontario’s Wasaga Beach, about 90 minutes drive from Toronto. 

"We saw human behaviour at its worst." Overcrowding an issue at Wasaga Beach, Ont., on Canada Day

I’ve been to Iraq — to refugee camps. I met a Yazidi rape slave who was raped 240 times by terrorists. Every day we learn about horrific treatment of humans by other humans — about civil rights being destroyed, about violence and crime and even genocide.

But no. "Overcrowding" at a Canadian beach is "human behaviour at its worst," according to this guy.

There are more stories like this every day. TONIGHT I'll show you more — as well as the science that says that outdoor transmission of COVID-19 is rare.

NEXT: Kurt Schlichter joins me to talk about his new book, The Biggest Lies About Donald Trump (and YOU!)

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