Caledonia ablaze AGAIN: Authorities still ignore town’s 20 year standoff

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In Caledonia, Ontario, the “same-old, same-old” prevails, just as it has since 2006: certain natives and their Antifa “allies” are illegally occupying private property; roads are blockaded; houses of those who dare to speak up are torched; and intimidation and fear rule while law enforcement seems paralyzed, not do anything other than “observing.”

We recently visited Caledonia and spoke to area resident James Bradbury about the ongoing situation.

And we were lucky to get James on camera – when we asked other people in town to say their piece, they were too terrified to do so out of fear of retaliation, which in these parts ranges from physical violence to arson.

Bradbury contends that certain natives – some of whom don’t even live on the Six Nations reserve – are just instigating trouble for the sake of causing trouble and in doing so are making the lives of other natives and townsfolk alike miserable in the process. And then there is the Toronto area members of Antifa who are occasionally bused in to make the situation even more volatile.

Many are frustrated that there are court orders in place to remove the various roadblocks on public roads and the illegal occupation occurring at Mackenzie Meadows, a private property site that is slated for a now-delayed housing project.

We visited Mackenzie Meadows, which is currently only home to tents housing the illegal occupiers, but it was made very clear to us by the occupiers that nobody was interested in providing their side of the story and we were told to leave.

Of note, the day we were in Caledonia, the long time MP for the region, Diane Finley, announced she will not be running in the next election. (The Conservative MP has held the riding of Haldimand-Norfolk since 2004.)

Caledonia is perhaps the most dangerous place in Canada. With your help, we make the decision to hire three security guards for both myself and our Rebel News cameraman. If you believe there's value in covering the story of the Caledonia blockaders, please consider chipping in to help keep us safe at Thank you.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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