Caledonia land dispute: Judge orders demonstrators to permanently leave site

Caledonia land dispute: Judge orders demonstrators to permanently leave site
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Justice John Harper has issued a permanent injunction against the protestors occupying the McKenzie Meadows housing developing in Caledonia, Ontario.

A spokesman with the demonstrators, Skyler Williams, told media that he plans to take the matter to the Ontario Court of Appeal.

As reported by the Niagara Falls Review,

The judge said the continuing occupation at the site after his orders risked harm to the community and damages to the site.

“Damaging property by spray painting them and pronouncing, ‘This land is now Land Back Lane 1492’ ... that does not go the route of a civil society by way of negotiation,” he said.

Harper had declared Williams a “leader” of the protests based on his social media posts - a title Williams has consistently rejected.

According to Global's coverage,

Harper also ruled that Skyler Williams, a man named on the August injunction, could not represent himself in court or present constitutional arguments in the case because he and others were in contempt of the court’s orders.

In a written statement given to the CBC, Williams said:

“We are committed to defending our territory, that includes staying on the land and it also means we will file an appeal immediately,” and that “it's clear that we're facing racism and discrimination in this process. From the beginning, we've stated that the colonial court process is inherently unfair and it's clear that is what is playing out today.”

This summer, Rebel News visited Caledonia to interview an area resident about the situation, where certain Natives and their Antifa “allies” illegally occupied private property, blockaded roads and torched the homes of those who dared to speak up.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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